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Within this section you will find links to blogs and articles which explore many fundamental and diverse areas of interest and research which will inform your running journey. 

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Winter training thoughts

British Mountain Running Champion Andy Douglas talks winter training in Scotland

The 'More-On" Approach

Sophie Dunnett talks about configuring your training load as well as the opportunities we have when not racing

Importance of the coaching relationship

British Mountain Running Champion Andy Douglas's coach Sophie Dunnett talks about their 11 year athlete - coach relationship and why it is effective

Meet the Athletes....... Caroline Marwick

What does it take to compete for your country whilst being a fab Mum....... find out what makes Caroline strive to achieve great results in the hills

Meet the Athletes.....Alisa Lopez

Ailsa takes us through her journey from post-baby road runner to exceptional long distance hill runner

Meet the Athlete............ Michael Cayton

Mike explains how you can be an aspiring junior athlete in the mountains and cross country and return to top form as a senior

A happy runner is a well performing runner

GB's Andy Douglas explains the physical and psychological requirements of performing at the top level

How to achieve your running goals

Sophie Dunnett explains her top five strategies to achieving your running goals and forming new habits

Meet the Athletes ....... Chelsea Cook

Grab a cuppa and a settle back for a lovely read, where you will get a real flavour of Chelsea's drivers for running and the journey she has already taken at a young age