Mike Cayton P.E.T. Coach

Running Achievements

I started running at junior school but never really got into training until I was 17.  I was fortunate enough that I had guidance from a coach at the local running club and with their assistance I represented England in 3 Mountain Running Championships and a cross country European race. I went on to become the British and England Fell running champion in 1998. I also represented the England Mountain running team in 2000 at the International Snowdon Race.

I fell out of love with running in the year 2000 and didn’t return to training until 2016, mainly to lose weight and get fit and that’s when the running bug struck again.

I didn’t have any guidance at that time and was continuously getting injured and ill and I felt as though I was not achieving my full potential. That change in (2017) when I started to work with a couple of coaches that worked on my (fitness), With their advice, help and guidance I started to see vast improvements, which culminated in representing England at the International Snowdon Race, where I finished 5th Overall (Part of the World Grand Prix Series) and the first English finisher.

However, I knew that to progress and achieve my goals I would need to work with someone who could provide me with the coaching input with a structured and individualised training programme and training methods to allow me to get the returns for my training commitment. This is when I approached Sophie and we continue to work on getting the best results over various endurance disciplines.  To see my running journey, check out my Power of Ten profile

Coaching History

I have been fortunate to have been coached by Sophie for the last 2 years.  In this period my running times have improved drastically and we have developed a coaching relationship that is open but structured at the same time which allows me to achieve my goals but fit my training within family life and work commitments.

As well as being coached by Sophie, she is also mentoring me as I work towards my own British Athletics coaching qualifications, I have gained years of experience from my own running and from Sophie through our coach/athlete relationship. I am always striving to better myself as an athlete and part of the process for this is reviewing the areas I need to develop to be a more rounded athlete and discussing how to areas to turn them into a strength.

I am looking forward to passing on everything I have learnt to allow other runners to work towards achieving their goals. 


UKA Leader in Running Fitness (2022)