Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know what assistance I need? 

Please do not worry about this, we often don’t know what will assist with our running journey.  This is where my experience comes in.  Through the processes of gathering information, I will discuss in full what aspirations you have and what is required to allow these to become a reality.

How long will it take to get a reply to any communications? 

Normally replies will be within 48hrs but if this is not possible (e.g. when travelling abroad with athletes) then you will be notified of this in advance.  Communication will be via e-mail, phone and skype as well as face-to-face where this is an option.

What disciplines do you coach?

I have the experience and knowledge in coaching all endurance disciplines; roads, cross country, mountains (hill / fell running), trail and track.  I have a proven record over all distances from 5k/5000m to Ultras as well as the running element of triathlons up to and beyond Olympic distance.  I am equally interested in working with true beginners to GB standard athletes and everything in between. 

What events do you not provide coaching in?

This is as important as what events I do coach, as all coaches need to be aware of where their strengths lie and what areas of knowledge you would be best to seek advice from others.  Although I have previously coached track athletes from 800m-10,000m, I would not work with athletes who wish to solely focus on track but am interested in working with athletes where track events, 5000m and 10,000m, form part of their running portfolio along with other endurance disciplines.

I am a complete beginner, can you help? 

Yes absolutely, even a complete beginner can benefit from structure, purpose and support while setting out on their running journey.  What your training programme will look like, will be full discussed before you start and will be shaped by your current level of fitness and realistic aspirations.

I train with a group already, how will this work?

Having a group to train with can be of benefit in getting you out the door on a wet day or on a day when everything seems to be against you.  When we discuss your training programme, the sessions will be programmed around your individual training set up to that you can retain the support of the group whilst working towards your individualised programme.

How will I get access to my training plan? 

Training plans will be provided either through Garmin Connect or by e-mail.  Garmin users will be able to access their full training details online and upload sessions and view them using a mobile app.  Those who prefer to work via e-mail will receive training details through an excel programme. 

For Enhanced lEndurance Training packages, both Garmin and the use of e-mail will allow you to upload feedback and receive feed-forward on all sessions so that an analysis of the current session can be reflected on to allow you to continually learn your trade as a runner.

I just want a training programme that is for a couple of weeks, can you do this? 

Consistency and commitment is key and this does not happen overnight.  Improvements in performance will come from believing in the training process and this needs time to impact on your racing.  A training programme which last only a few weeks will not bring this results and will leave you disillusioned by the process.  Please check the Training Package section to find details relating to the minimum length of packages.

Do you design rehab programmes? 

In a word No.  This is something that I believe cannot be done at a distance effectively as you need to assess and continually monitor biomechanics during the period of the injury and beyond.  Athletes who I am already working with will continue to get input from me and I will design alternative cross training programmes to replicate your training sessions, but you will be guided to one of my Associates for specific rehab input and injury prevention moving forward. 

What happens if I am injured / unwell?

This unfortunately happens to all of us and in these circumstances, your running package will be put on hold and any payments already made will be re-started once you can resume your training.

How will you use any photos provided? 

Photos are an important part of the process of recording your progress and achievements.  These will be used to celebrate your successes but I will only use photos you have agreed to. 

How will payments be made? 

Payments can be made by BACS transfer or direct debit and should be set up / received before training plans are provided.