My Ethos

I am the Lead Coach with Performance Endurance Training and have been coaching endurance athletes for over 30 years (yes I am that old 🙂 ) 

I have a mantra in my coaching – ‘Believe in the Process’.  “The process of setting a goal on the outer boundaries of what we think is possible, and then systematically pursuing it, is one of the most fulfilling parts of being human” Stulberg & Magness (2017)

We all set goals in our lives and then go through a process as we strive to fulfil them.  Running should be no different if we want to be the best we can be. In the same way, I set myself coaching goals to provide the appropriate environment so that my athletes can perform to their full potential.

If you understand the process, have appropriate support and a tailored, flexible and adaptable training plan to follow, the process of improvement will happen and the short and long term outcomes of this process will be evident in your health, fitness and race performances.  To do this everyone needs access to a qualified coach and for some people this access can be challenging either due to geography or not finding a suitably qualified and experienced coach so that they can form an effective athlete-coach relationship.

As an endurance performance coach, I base my coaching philosophies on my qualifications and experience in equal measure.  I am transparent in assisting athletes; everything I know I will pass on in a belief that unless you understand why you are doing something you cannot execute it appropriately.  Open communication is key to forming a solid and effective team. 

In supporting athletes, I am delighted to work with extremely well experienced Associate professionals.  Their details are provided in the Associates section where you will find links to professionals and businesses who may be of assistance.  These Associates are key in their role in providing biomechanical, strength & conditioning, nutritional and psychological support.  They provide support in areas that I am not qualified and will therefore not be the best person to assist athletes.