Meet the Athletes …… Ailsa Lopez

I started out road running just after my 1st child was born in 2004 and continued with mostly road running for over a decade. Over the past couple of years I have moved more to hill running because it was much more rewarding. I was getting bored of road running and wanted an endurance event that would challenge me.

When having 3 children, I tended to just go out when I could and do what I fancied, often deciding as I stepped out the door. My training was unplanned at best and sporadic at worst.  My progress was slow then it came to a stop. I started to not enjoy running as much because I felt it wasn’t going anywhere.

Why do I run? I run for me time. I love the feeling you get after a run, when you feel energised and stress free. I love getting to the top of a mountain and taking in the amazing views, it’s just so good for the soul. To no run would be awful, I would be stressed and so down.

I have never had a coach until coming across Sophie in March 2020.  I found my love for racing about 4 years ago, hill racing more so now and that’s why I contacted Sophie.  I wanted to see if I could get my race times down with her help. It’s only been a short time but already I have 5k and 10k virtual PBs. I also now know what I’m doing each day which makes it so much easier to work my training around the kids and work.

If I ever have any questions Sophie’s quick to respond and very helpful. She’s been amazing at keeping me updated with the races that might go ahead this year and the ones that are cancelled. If anyone’s thinking of getting a coach I would definitely recommend getting one. I can honestly say there’s no downsides to having a coach.

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