How to make goals become reality

I’m probably not alone in feeling a bit baffled in setting goals this year. It’s the longest any of us have gone without racing, but it’s also hard to see just when racing will come back, and when it does, which ones will return for 2021. Apart from having my fingers crossed the World Long Distance Mountain Championships, it’s easier to set long term goals for now and be fit and ready for the races that do eventually go ahead when they come. Most of us will be rusty, but the adrenaline and relief of racing again will be a massive boost.

The break in racing has allowed me to reflect and plan ahead for the long term, which is why I sought out Sophie’s services mid-last year. I’ve had a good run in my twenties at top levels in fell and mountain racing, but there’s also been too many “nearly’s” in terms of qualifications and race placings. Knowing I was heading into my 30’s (I’m there now..), what I do in my next 10 years is important in the things I want to achieve – I’m getting old, and feeling it! I took time researching all of the coaches out there, as I knew the next needs to be the one that’s with me for the long haul. Sophie’s experiences with coaching mountain running at the top level and the fact you can tell she get’s very invested in her runners swayed me, and thankfully she had space for me in her roster!

I’ve had a few bizarre issues with my heart going on at the back end of this year, so I’m currently working with Sophie to adapt training to cope whilst it figures itself out (or the hospital results, whichever comes first), but have otherwise been building up the engine for the long term goals I have over the next few years.

To cope with the demands, I’ve looked at the other two pillars of running, diet and S&C… I’ve invested in weights and a fitness app, which I’ve succeeded at half as much as I’d like to, but twice as much as I expected. For the diet, I’ve unfollowed all the unhealthy food pages on social media and deleted all of my takeaway apps. I’m easily susceptible to brainwashing food adverts. It turns out, if you don’t scroll past big greasy pizzas, burgers and cakes it’s easier to not crave them! Who’d have thought!

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Chris Holdsworth, Inov-8 Ambassador

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