Strength and Conditioning


Customised Strength and Conditioning packages to address key issues such as enhancing performance and reducing likelihood of injury. The perfect complement to your endurance training or as a stand-alone S&C programme provided by one of my Associates, Sarah Dunnett, 58 Degrees North.

Investment in such programming is key to a more holistic approach to training and can enhance performance and provide injury prevention if carried out effectively.  The duration of the S&C package is designed in an eight-week block (shorter investment in S&C may not provide any benefits). These blocks can be designed as a one off to target a specific issue or on a rolling basis every eight weeks.

Training programmes will be developed alongside Lead Coach, Sophie Dunnett to maximise your potential and to work in tandem with your endurance training and racing schedule. 

Package snapshot

Eight-week blocks specific to your needs


Weekly review and feedback on training programme via e-mail, fortnightly phone / skype catch-up.

Please contact me to inquire further about Strength and Conditioning using the ‘Contact Me’ button on the home page