Standard Level Endurance Coaching


Your training plan will provide specific training sessions including volume, intensity and duration.  Training will be designed to meet your current fitness level and future aspirations.

Training plans will be set in four-week blocks and reviewed on a four-week basis. Inbuilt within this will be the wrap round scheduling required for consistent progress, e.g. rest, tapering, cross-training and S&C (if specific S&C is required this can be accessed as a separate programme; see Training Packages).

A minimum contract of 6 months is required to allow for an improvement in performance to be seen through settling into the training process and having time to impact on your racing. 

For Standard Level Endurance Training athletes, both Garmin or the use of excel will allow you to upload feedback on all sessions.  This will allow for more specific planning of your training moving forward.


Training plan via Garmin or excel, detailing specific training sessions. Minimum 6 month contract.


Weekly contact via whatsapp / messenger / e-mail / text, monthly reviews and discussion via phone / whatsapp / skype


£80 per month block