Edinburgh Clinic of Nutrition

The Edinburgh Clinic of Nutrition provides personalised eating plans to suit each individual’s needs.  These are designed to fit into your lifestyle and training schedule and focus on your key aims,  such as: 
  • improvement in body composition 
  • reduced fatigue levels
  • quicker muscle and injury recovery
  • improvement in stamina
  • pre, during and post training foods/liquids
You come away with a clear plan: including meal suggestions and recipes.  
If there are underlying issues, such as poor digestive function or frequent infections, these will be addressed.   Functional testing is available – eg: gut microbiology or stress hormones
After an initial consultation, follow-ups are suggested at 4 weekly intervals to tailor plan and monitor progress.  Packages are available. 

My aim is to help people achieve their personal, health and athletic goals by giving them the knowledge and the “how to” to get their nutrition in tip top shape.  All of us, whether we train or not, need great fuel to allow us to be on top of our game, physically and mentally and when we DO increase our training, we have an even greater demand for good food.  My focus is not on rigidity or abstinence but on wellbeing and performance and finding out what it is that YOU need. 

2003 – 2007  The Institute of Optimum Nutrition and the University of Bedfordshire.  Diploma in Nutritional Therapy 
2009 CNELM  Personalised Sports Nutrition Diploma 
2017 Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice  Certification 
2018 – embarked on several years training with the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US. 

E-mail: info@edinburghclinicofnutrition.com

Tel: 07813 018908